HIV Vaccine Studies

Vaccines are the most effective strategy for preventing the spread of infectious disease. Bridge HIV has been involved in HIV vaccine research since the early 1990s and thousands of people from across the San Francisco Bay Area have participated in studies to identify safe and effective vaccines. Around the world, 2.6 million people are newly infected with HIV each year. Vaccines hold promise for preventing an HIV infection from occurring in healthy people.

The following, currently enrolling studies investigate different types of HIV vaccines. The vaccines we are testing do not contain any whole, live, killed, or weakened HIV so you cannot get HIV from any of these HIV vaccines.  Instead, the vaccines use man-made imitations of pieces of the virus. The idea is to trick your body’s immune system into creating a response to a threat that isn’t there.  Hopefully, then, if you are ever exposed to HIV, your body will know how to fight it.

Think of it like parts of a car.  If someone handed you a steering wheel and some tires, you would know they were parts from a car, and you could practice steering or changing a flat.  But you couldn’t use those parts to get yourself to work.

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