NIH Discontinues Immunizations in HIV Vaccine Study

We are disappointed to report that we just learned that the vaccine combination that we have been testing, in a trial called HVTN 505, did not provide protection against HIV infection or control the amount of HIV in the blood of people who were HIV infected. This vaccine combination was created by the Vaccine Research Center at the National Institutes of Health. The vaccines do not contain any live or killed HIV, and cannot transmit HIV to those who were vaccinated.

The independent Data and Safety Monitoring Board who have been overseeing the trial met on April 22, 2013, and recommended stopping additional injections of the vaccine, because it was highly unlikely that the vaccine would show any protective effect. They commended the staff on a very well-conducted study that will allow us to learn a tremendous amount, even from vaccines that were not protective.

We, at Bridge HIV, want to thank all of the participants who enrolled at our site, and around the United States, for their commitment to finding an effective HIV vaccine. Their dedication will bring us one step closer to having a safe and effective global vaccine for the future.

We will post additional information on the results of this trial, as we learn more.

You can read the NIH press release here and about the HVTN 505 HIV Vaccine Regimen Study here.

Susan Buchbinder, MD
Director, Bridge HIV


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