Our Values

Community Focus
Our work is informed by diverse community partnerships with San Francisco Bay Area Community-based Organizations and through a close partnership with our Community Advisory Group (CAG). Our CAG is a dedicated group of individuals who represent the Bay Area community and with whom we consult regularly to ensure that our research is responsive to the needs and concerns of our diverse Bay Area populations. Our community education programs offer accurate and timely information about the development, conduct, and results of HIV research through community presentations, forums, and online portals.

Our staff is committed to finding new and innovative ways to fight the epidemic. To achieve that goal, we strive to make our clinic volunteer-focused and friendly, understanding that our research can only be effective with the help and generosity of our volunteers.

To find HIV prevention strategies that work for everyone who is in need of HIV prevention, we include people who reflect the range of races, ethnicities, ages, sexual and gender orientations of the Bay Area to work with us as planners, partners and participants in our studies.

We endeavor to constantly evaluate and improve our work, upholding the highest ethical and clinical standards of research; the principles that guide our research are respect for persons, beneficence, and just selection of research participants. We adhere to local, state, federal, and international regulations on research involving human subjects. Our studies are conducted in accordance with ICH Guidelines for Good Clinical Practice (E6).

Through community input, education, informed consent, and ongoing relationships with study volunteers, we conduct ethical, culturally-relevant research in accordance with stringent local, state, federal, and international regulations for clinical trials. Our studies are reviewed locally, by The UCSF Committee on Human Research, or centrally, by The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Institutional Review Board. Study Network and NIAID Data and Safety Monitoring boards provide additional oversight and monitoring of participant safety.

Team Work
We work closely with each other, our study volunteers, our Community Advisory Group, and our HIV prevention community to find an end to the HIV/AIDS epidemic.